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Illuminate Me: Magical Flowers

Have you you carved your pumpkins yet? You may already have placed your jack-o-lanterns, they could be sitting out on the porch or lawn, ready to glow on all Hallow’s Eve and give your home that extra bit of spooky goodness we all crave much like the candy on October 31st, but have you stopped to consider maybe illuminating your home with some festive flowers? While the rest of your decorations may make your home appear more ghoulish and inviting to those looking to trade in their tricks for treats, why not take the extra step for when the inevitable comes knocking at your door?


Here are some heart-warming recommendations for flowers that will capitalize on the festiveness of fall season. Consider bringing pairing the fiery glow of your freshly carved pumpkins with some frighteningly fabulous arrangement made with with our White Chocolate Roses and some colorful Baby’s Breath flower fillers. These subtle hints and details might be exactly what you need to take your decor from basic to majestic, and is a great and natural way to capture the essence of the holiday season. Flowers can be anything you want. Romantic, magical, and even mysterious. So again we ask, why not take advantage? What are you afraid of?



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