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Illuminate me: Magical Flowers

You may have your jock-o-lanterns out for Halloween and be using the bright orangey glow which comes from them as a way to add an extra dose of warmness to your abode, but have you considered illuminating possibilities beyond such decorations? Yes, of course candles are a great start to keeping your home cheery and inviting, but the wonder of fall is upon us and knocking at our doors…why not embrace it entirely and allow it to make itself home?

Here are some heart-warming recommendations for flowers that will capitalize on the festiveness of fall. Consider bringing in the orangey glow of carved and lit pumpkins by making a fabulous arrangement with orange lilies, white accents of roses or lilies, baby’s breath filler, and gold accents that are easily purchased at the craft store. These details will take the whole feel of your flowers and hence home several knots above. That glamorous feel is accessed within minutes. Include some candles too for a very romantic, magical, and mysterious ambiance.

Taking such measures be taking full advantage of the season and raising expectations and excitement for the holidays to come. Why not enhance every moment?

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