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Orange Rose Ode

What makes an orange rose absolutely wonderful? Is it the way the soft petals open up into  a mesmerizing bloom? The gentle gaze it inspires? Perhaps that wonderful shade…unusual, a it is a cousin of fire. Delightful passion that translates into the greatest enthusiasm. An orange rose is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. For with what better method can we symbolize the desire for joy to ensue? No, there is no better way than to say it with the orange rose.

In fact, it is simply impossible to say it otherwise than with a vast surplus of flowers that will simply drown everyone with orange color so that all they may think about is pure desire. Roaring forth from their spirits like fire, like the monsters of Halloween. The orange flower tells you ” be consumed by me”. A sort of god of its own, to its power we cannot resist. The orange rose commands, and we m must obey…we subsist. So this Holiday beware of other decor, for none is quite as remarkable as the one of the orange amour.

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