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The Best Resources For To-Be-Bride

When the wedding date gets closers, we all are bound to get worried about the ceremony. There are a lot of details to look into while getting married. In a phase like this, wedding planning resources are very much important. Here is a list of good resources to help the bride-to-be in planning their wedding:

1. Wedding Blogs


We are lucky that we live in a day and age where we find many resources online. You can find a lot of different wedding blogs that will give you insights on how to have a good wedding. There are niche blogs as well to help you out with particular purposes as well. You can find information related to wedding dresses, bridal bouquets, cakes, flower delivery, and others. Unlike traditional magazines, blogs are free and are available at an ample amount. You can read them anytime anywhere. You also get the advantage of regular updates with blogs as well.

2. DIY Tutorials

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DIY tutorials have become the norm at the present. A lot of people are using these tutorials to learn a variety of things. If you want to save money on your wedding, you can find a lot of DIY crafts to help you with the same. These tutorials would prove to be the best wedding resources if you want a minimal wedding. There are a lot of DIY YouTube channels to help you out with your wedding preparations. You can also find multiple blogs which could help you out with DIY weddings.

3. Wedding Websites


Thanks to the advent of the internet, wedding websites are a thing now. They are very useful if you are going to a destination wedding. They are also quite eco-friendly as the information and RSVPs take place online. You can find a lot of stunning options when it comes to these websites. You can customize the themes of these websites and make them look perfect.

4. Venue Search Tools


When it comes to an online wedding planning tool, venue search tools are the best thing out there. You can put the location of your ideal town or destination and let the website do the rest. You can select the perfect venue for your wedding as per your theme and requirements. These websites have different elements like location, guest count, services, and many more. They also come with filters that would help you narrow down your preferences. If you are someone who loves to keep things systematic, then these are the best wedding resources for you. You also get important details like the contact of catering and florist with these tools. These tools also give you an insight into fresh flowers wholesale to the public as well.

5. Music Streaming Sites

Music is the most important aspect of any function. Weddings are no different. But you need to make sure that there is a singular and systematic source for your music. You can go for a variety of streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud to meet your music needs. Music is important for various moods and times too. You can collaborate with the DJ and compile the favorite songs of your guests. After that, all you have to do is a groove to those tunes and enjoy the party!

6. Gift Registries


It might not seem that important, but maintaining a gift registry is very important. People receive a lot of different varieties of gifts. But it becomes very difficult to keep track of the gifts that you receive. When you go for a good wedding registry service, it becomes very easy for you to keep track of all the gifts. It also helps you see the list of people from whom you’ve gotten gifts. It is one of the best wedding planning resources that would be quite handy for you. There are a lot of wedding registries that are available online. They come with a seamless and user-friendly interface as well.

7. Wedding Planner App


We all want a relaxed and hassle-free wedding. But it gets quite difficult if there is no proper planning. To fulfill the need for wedding planning, there are a lot of wedding planner apps to help you out. You can keep track of all your progress when it comes to wedding planning with these apps. When it comes to resources related to wedding planning, these apps are quite common. You can find a lot of different variations of these kinds of apps to help you out in the whole process.

8. Hotel Planner

You must not have thought about it at first. But you know very well that it is a very important aspect when it comes to weddings. Getting the Hotel Planner app would help you in figuring out how to place your guests in a comfortable place. These tools will also help you to find out the expenses of hotel bookings and reservations. All in all, a hotel planner is a must when you are planning a grandiose wedding ceremony.

9. Wedding Dress Preservation


Preserving your wedding gown is very important. Contact a wedding dress preservation to keep your cherished items safe and secure. When your wedding dress finds exposure to the elements for a long time, it may fade or even alter form. Professional cleaning and packaging of your wedding gown can keep it safe for a long time. Apart from that, it will also serve as a legacy for future generations. A wedding dress is a valued possession of a bride. And preserving them would be the best way for her to remember her wedding day.

10. Guest List Manager

Guest list managers are the best wedding planning resources. When we have a grandiose wedding or even a small wedding, keeping a count of the guest list becomes tough. These tools come to the rescue, especially at the most hectic time. It can prove to be a lifesaver for someone who wants their wedding to be the best.

Wedding days are one of the most significant days of our lives. We go to different lengths to make sure that we make them quite special. Using different resources would help you very well in making your big day even more special. After all, a wedding is for life!

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