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Woodland Fairies

If you know anyone who is a fan of cosplay, then you know that true fans of costuming put a lot of dedication into their elaborate attire. Dresses and headpieces, shoes and belts, accessory pieces and lovingly crafted accents all require great dedication and drive to accomplish. It is, after all, a business. But not all costumes have to have that daunting air shrouding them. You can still be creative and fabulous in other ways, satisfying your ambition without breaking the bank or spending an exorbitant amounts of time and your life on these details.

You can evoke the spirit of Nature, perhaps the most powerful force we can ever reference, by wearing her. Now, we do not mean for you to go out in your birthday suit. But imagine this, a trip to Goodwill for an inexpensive dress or ensemble, a hot glue gun, and some hairspray. Add the necessary flowers and things are brewing. Using clothing pieces as your template, you are able to create something amazing for a party or event. Something that no one else will have, that is uniquely your own.

A woodland fairy has all the appeal one could hope for, connected with the very essence of existence and as alluring as ever. Why not let us adorn you?

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