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Most Common Wedding Flower Mistakes To Avoid

There are a lot of things that couples often overlook when it comes to their wedding planning. Floral mistakes are one of the very common blunders that takes place. Being one of the most important decorative elements, flowers are considered quite important in any wedding ceremony. The main issue takes place because of lack of color coordination, freshness of flowers, and many more. Here are some of the most common wedding flower mistakes for couples to avoid.

Ignoring The Season

You’ll rack up the cost and raise your carbon footprint if most of the flowers that you have decided to pick for your special day are being sent in from out of town. It is advised that you experiment with seasonal blossoms to obtain a comparable effect for a small fraction of the price and with little to no environmental impact. Trust your flower designer to offer substitute blossoms that have the same texture and profile and still go as per your taste. You can easily avoid these common wedding flower mistakes by taking expert advice.

Blindly Following What Is in Trend

There is nothing improper or wrong with including trends when it comes to your wedding décor. Buzzy Blooms might lead to an enhancement to your event if it seems genuine to you. However, problems start to occur if you make an imposition of a particular flower or fashion rather than appreciating what truly encapsulates the aesthetic of your wedding as well as your love story.

Using Excessive Amounts of Flowers

One of the common mistakes brides make when ordering wedding flowers is mixing up the buds. It will enable you to tell a richer tale but it is also possible to err on the side of excess. Couples believe that the visual presentation will have a greater impact if they utilize a variety of flowers. However, overcrowding the space might actually impair your eyesight and also make you feel overwhelmed.

Not Making A Combination

Combining a few different flower varieties with additional elaborate decorations is much in trend right now.  The intelligent sorts of highlighted flowers will have a more significant visual representation when we match it with varied layers and heights of candles to get a sophisticated effect. By keeping it basic, especially with financial limits, you may be able to achieve this.

Having Extremely High Expectations

Given the abundance of exquisite flower selections, it gets quite obvious that you’d want to go all out. However, one thing to keep in mind to avoid wedding flower mistakes is that it’s not always possible to saturate your event with several complex displays, especially if there are budget constraints. Reduce your expectations and focus on just one element that makes a statement rather than taking on way too many of them.  Greater effect than smaller installations will be possible by following a single “wow” moment.

Sticking To a Single Spot

Instead of incorporating the lush plants into every element when it comes to their celebration, couples frequently concentrate on utilizing flowers to decorate one specific part of their wedding that are normally the reception tables. Anywhere, the entryway, bar, stations, ceiling, and lounges, can look lovely with flowers.

Failing To See the Bigger Picture

While many individuals have an opinion about the table arrangements as well as centerpieces, they sometimes struggle to see the entire space as they are filled with guests. For instance, couples may select a hotel with a breathtaking view of the ocean or picturesque surroundings, but they still end up choosing extravagant wedding centerpieces without considering how they would affect the view or the aesthetic when it comes to the space. When asking your flower provider for guidance, take images of the space where you will get to display your wedding flowers and show it to them.

Not Having Enough Trust on The Florist

Every bride-to-be probably has a vision, preferences, as well as expectations when it comes to the wedding flowers they want to be used in the decoration. This is because weddings are typically a once in a lifetime thing. As a result, occasionally, people pick wedding flowers on their own without contacting professionals. It is advised that you speak with a skilled florist and give them a quite detailed instruction. Who knows, with just a simple advice, their extraordinary ability may be able to make your wedding completely breath-taking and amazing.

Not Making Use Of Previous Ceremony Arrangements

Particularly during the wedding, they utilize some extremely fine flowers when it comes to centerpieces and altar items. Most flower arrangements are utilized during the ceremony, which typically lasts for about 30 minutes. But many professional florists believe that these kinds of flowers may also be used at reception. This will not only reduce waste but also result in significant financial savings of the couple.

Last Moment Booking of Florist

Many couples make the error of calling the florist just when everything else for the wedding is finalized. Your wedding’s floral arrangements account for a significant portion of your budget, and hiring a florist after the fact may result in unpleasant financial surprises for you and your spouse as well. To accurately estimate how much the flowers will cost you and to account for them in your budget, it is quite important for you to first make arrangements with a florist.

Refusing To Compromise

Setting one’s heart on a certain sort of flower and refusing to make concessions is one of the worst blunders a couple may make when planning their wedding. However, it is advised that you should be flexible when it comes to your selection of the wedding flowers and allow the florist handle the rest.

Trying To Replicate What You Saw on The Internet

A lot of brides try to recreate certain image that they saw on the internet or a magazine. It is quite impractical and impossible to recreate something quite similar. Therefore, it is advised not to endeavor after trying to reproduce a photo, but rather to focus on taking inspiration and constructing a flower arrangement you would like to your own.

Not Being Too Open About Colors of The Flowers

Selecting a flower color combination is very important of your wedding day decoration. For example, instead of going for cool blooms, you may select rose petals for wedding if it is a summer wedding.

Mistake Inspirations to Be Real

The main purpose of wedding inspiration pictures that you see online is to give you an idea or insight. A lot of people think that this is the reality and try to re-enact it. A lot of the florals featured on social media are high-end flowers put in a professional arrangement and clicked using professional cameras. You can have a beautiful wedding without these elements too, and this is very important for you to keep in mind.

Choosing The Florals Before Choosing the Theme

The flowers should go as per your theme and not vice versa. A lot of time people select the kind of flowers that they want way before considering their venue and location. A lot of time this leads to a disconnect and you might end up having wrong palette for your wedding.

Not Selecting A Trustworthy Florist

The most important aspect when it comes to wedding flower selection is choosing the right florist. An experienced florist will not only be able to tell you all about the right color coordination, but you will also get an insight on what kind of flowers would remain fresh and suit your wedding theme.

Underestimating The Requirement

Fresh flowers are unquestionably an exception to the rule that less is more in many elements of weddings. Unless you’re completely skipping the blooms (after all, books and candles make lovely table arrangements), think about purchasing 10 to 20% more than you are anticipating that you’ll need.

Not Making Enough Effort

It will take time and work and money to choose flowers on the basis of their colors textures and potential contributions to the creative vision. Since you will want and need to maximize your wedding flowers spend, it is important to focus on features that are likely to yield you the greatest results.

Selecting One Flower

Many couples make the mistake of becoming fixated on a particular flower or kind of foliage. It’s better to keep your options open and work with your wedding florist to discover suitable substitutes because of seasonality and dealing with the unexpected.

Not Choosing Bulk Flower Delivery

Your décor will feel more cohesive if flowers find their usage throughout the wedding. If you’re hosting a garden party or outdoor wedding, it’s extremely crucial to decorate each aspect of your event with petals. It is advisable to select a bulk flower delivery service to fulfill this purpose.

A wedding day is an important day for any person. We all want that we celebrate our wedding with a lot of fun. There is a need for you to do proper amount of research and homework to avoid wedding flower mistakes; celebrate your wedding as per expectations. Only then, it would be possible for you to have the best wedding ever!

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