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Easter Flowers…Because Every-Bunny Loves Easter!

There is something for everyone to enjoy during the Easter season – spring breezes, warmer temperatures, chocolate bunnies, Easter egg hunts – and flowers! Spring bulbs begin to come out of their hibernation in the cold, frosty ground, delighting homeowners with bountiful color and soft fragrance. While looking at them at the edge of your garden is a lovely sight to behold, so is the sight of beautiful springtime flowers in a sparkling vase upon a pastel tablecloth, the perfect accompaniment to a sumptuous Easter supper.

Globalrose can help you set the table for Easter supper with beautiful springtime flowers! If it’s lilies you must have on your table, choose from two types of lilies – Asiatic Lilies and Oriental Lilies. Though they look similar, there are subtle differences in these two beautiful flowers. Asiatic lilies have a smoother edge on its petal. They also grow sequentially on their stems, so you may have three or more blooms per stem, making them a lovely flower for voluminous arrangements. Oriental lilies have more of a slightly ruffled edge to their petals. Their blooms are one per stem, opening at the very top. The stems of Oriental lilies tend to be a bit longer, and they carry more fragrance than an Asiatic lily does. Globalrose carries Asiatic and Oriental lilies in several colors of the season.

While lilies are inviting on your table, there are so many other springtime flowers from Globalrose to choose from! Hydrangea is a beautiful flower that naturally brings the outside in. Globalrose carries Hydrangea Blue, Hydrangea White, Hydrangea Green, and , so you can mix or match your Hydrangeas to your Easter palette. Place a large group of Hydrangeas in a single large bowl in the center of your table. Anchor the stems in the bowl with smooth stones that you can find in craft or hardware stores. This small tip really brings nature to the table!

There are other flowers from Globalrose to consider as well. Delphinium Volken Blue and Snapdragon all evoke the feeling of Springtime – delicate, airy and full of promise. And of course, the Springtime piece de resistance…Tulips! Treat yourself this Easter – with Easter flowers from Globalrose!

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