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Fill Your Home With Fresh Flowers This Easter

There is no better way to celebrate Easter than by filling your home with fresh flowers. Like Easter and springtime, flowers represent growth and new beginnings. Honor the season by filling your home with colorful and fragrant spring flowers. Aromatic blossoms, vibrant calla lilies, bright blue cornflowers, fragrant freesia and colorful gerberas are all welcome sites during springtime.

Fresh flowers can stand beautifully on their own, but you can take the style up a bit by arranging them in unique and seasonal containers. One of the most creative ways to display flowers on Easter is to show them off in blown out eggshells. These naturally beautiful vases and are ideal for arrangements of tiny spring flowers like statice. Simply remove the contents of an egg and rinse it thoroughly. Fill the shell with water and stand it in an eggcup. The Statice Assorted Group is just what you need. Statice is a traditional filler flower that lasts a long time and dries very well. It has a thick green stem which branches out at the top and carries a multitude of tiny blooms and is known for its tissue-like feel. If you need specific colors please feel free to contact Globalrose. The box contains 20 bunches of statice.

Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Some flowers are so stunning that a simple display is all that is needed. A large bouquet of just one type of flower can make a large impact on your Easter table. How about showing off the different varieties of blue from the Hydrangea Blue collection by gathering them according to shade and arranging them from darkest to lightest in vases throughout your home? The hydrangea is a beautiful showy ball shaped flower formed by many clusters of smaller flowers. The box contains 40 stems of blue or light blue Hydrangeas with head sizes of 4″ to 7″ in diameter.

At Globalrose.com, flowers take on a different meaning for each and every one of our customers. Globalrose.com offers an enormous variety of flowers to choose from – whether you want floral bouquets, flowers in vases or that one special flower to melt your heart! Globalrose.com will inspect each bloom for excellence and bring you the no-worry promise that you’ll be pleased and delighted with your floral purchase! At Globalrose.com, your flowers leave our greenhouses within 3-4 days of your order and are delivered fresh to the location of your choice by FedEx!

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