• Although Tulips are often associated with the Netherlands, commercial cultivation of the flower began in the Ottoman Empire. Tulips, or lale (from Persian لاله,laleh), comprise many species that together are indigenous to a vast area encompassing parts of Asia, Europe and north Africa. The word tulip, which earlier appeared in English in forms such as tulipa or tulipant, entered the language by way of French tulipe and its obsolete form tulipan or by way of Modern Latin tulīpa, from Ottoman Turkish tulbend ("muslin" or "gauze"), and is ultimately derived from Persian دلبند delband ("Beloved"). In Persia, to give a red tulip was to declare your love. The black center of the red tulip was said to represent the lover's heart, burned to a coal by love's passion. To give a yellow tulip was to declare your love hopelessly and utterly.

    The fragrant Tulips are available in many colors. They are the impeccable bloom for parties, wedding bouquets and wedding table centerpieces, special gifts for your loved ones or just because you need to treat yourself to their beauty. Our beautiful, high quality Tulips come in an assortment of quantities and stem lengths, as well as many colors including tough to find shades, so you are sure to find the one that matches your needs.

    At Global Rose, we provide customers with the best quality Tulips at affordable prices. Each bloom comes straight from our own greenhouse and come with double guarantee, so you're guaranteed with only the freshest products with every order.

    We specialize in growing Tulips, we offer customers some of the most varied tulip collection of blooms available online. Aside from popular red Tulips, pink Tulips, and orange variants, we also carry two-toned beauties.

    Whether you're seeking hot pink blooms to surprise your loved one with a Tulips bouquet or clusters of ornamental wedding Tulips to decorate your reception with tulip arrangements, we can surely meet your need for fresh, beautiful Tulips. Our flower pricing comes with a best price guarantee. All orders also come with free flower delivery within the continental US. Learn more about our discount Tulips by looking through the selection of GlobalRose Tulips here!

Tulip Flowers

Considering Tulips for your special event? Would you like to surprise someone you love with the flair of Tulips? Globalrose.com, is the best florist, where our highest-quality Tulips are sure to impress you, your sweetheart and everyone else!

With so many colors, varieties and stem lengths to choose from, you are certain to find just the right Tulips on our site. Tulips always deliver sophistication, poise and style. Present our stunning Tulips every time you want to give that picture-perfect token to a special one. When planning an event, use Tulips - alone or paired with other, high-quality flowers like Graden Roses from Globalrose.com and see the all smiles.

Our Tulips are grown in environmentally-friendly greenhouses in the USA, which means your order is guaranteed to be fresh and beautiful. Your Tulips are hand-picked and cut just for you, and will arrive at your door just 4 days after you order. Please know that color tones for all flowers and roses may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature

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