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Author Archives: Pilar

Last Minute Gifts

Last minutes gifts may be the bane everyone’s existence, but just because time is short it down not mean your present has to reflect a certain air of hastiness and urgency. Rather, thoughtfulness is key. The secret to good gift … Continue reading

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Holiday Decorations

If you had the good fortune to be on a vacation this holiday, then you are well aware of the positive vibes being submerged in a new environment can generate. No need to a read book on Feng shui to … Continue reading

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How To Make Wedding Bouquets

Is there anything more ethereal than a December wedding? The prospect of snowflakes falling and decadent Christmas trees…the ornaments and lights that glimmer and glow softly through a procession. Whether it’s something more comfy and down to earth such as … Continue reading

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Passionately Hued

What is the perfect color to suit the holidays? Tap into the joyous surprise that is a bursting bouquet of red roses for these special moments. Regal red carries the excitement, splendor, and history of these moments in such a … Continue reading

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Flowery Seduction

It takes a certain amount of skill and patience to cultivate a beautiful flower. Care is required, a steadiness, hope, and confidence. In fact, it is an art. Some buds show a lot of promise from the start, but then … Continue reading

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That’s The Spirit

Although the holiday season carries the title and character of joy itself, all it takes is a brief look at the news to see that these times can be hard on other families as well, who are co-existing and sharing … Continue reading

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Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose

Now that we are at that time where we begin to wave goodbye to fall and say hello to winter, you may be wondering about how to keep your lovely domicile, workplace, or event fresh with the season and the … Continue reading

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What Really Matters During Christmas

With so much going on, it is easy to let time pass by without have fully soaked up every moment of interest. Presents to obtain, obligations to be fulfilled, and interminable advertisements from merchants demand our attention from every direction … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer: Holiday Flowers

We all know that this beloved holiday is more about the compassion of the heart than anything else, and hence, it isn’t about numbers, but when it comes to flowers…you may want to factor that in. After all, there is … Continue reading

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How to Make A Christmas Table Centerpiece

If you are looking to make a fresh Christmas centerpiece this year, it does not need to be a daunting task. We have an easy to follow breakdown of the steps it takes to have something both ethereal and fabulous … Continue reading

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