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New Year’s Flowers

Planning a party any time soon? Any celebration, whether it be casual or formal can be taken to the next level by merely the feeling given by a space. Any fans of the Food Network may have noticed that often, any chef’s kitchen will look neat, presentable, clean, and probably have some fresh flowers. A bowl of fruit, such as lemons or apples, is quite visually appealing, but something about flowers gives that extra touch of special care.

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, is well known for giving great ideas for dinner parties and celebrations such as rehearsal dinners. If you are looking to have a simple and fantastic gathering, you do not have to put too much work in at all. The fabulous thing about flowers, is that nothing fancy is required in order to have the feeling of luxury.

Garten often recommends making an elegant cluster of hydrangeas of a solid color in a low and short vase. That pom-pom feeling of a bursting and overwhelmingly regal bloom never fails to impress and bring a sense of awe to one’s sphere.

Likewise, consider using solid clusters of roses for an instant classic that works every single time. You’ll notice the difference that only a couple minutes of effort takes!

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