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Tag Archives: hydrangeas

Discovery Day: Flowers for Columbus!

In this day and age, it is reasonable to not necessarily anticipate what everyone knows or remembers why around early October there may be a day off school for the children or some sort of sale at the malls, but … Continue reading

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The Flower That Made All The Difference

It is fairly common to come across a few certain lines from the famous American poet Robert Frost in the US. We may encounter his words in a great variety of contexts such as  the pages of “favorite quotes” in … Continue reading

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Summer Elegance: Bursting Blooms

The summer sun is powerful. Yes, no other season takes the credit for bringing gorgeous glowing skin and light-hearted cheeriness. Summer means freedom. The beautiful bright colors everywhere, the laughter, the music. We have all been witness to how making … Continue reading

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Hydrangea Happiness

Full pom-pom shaped flowers of voluptuousness, the Hydrangea is unique amongst those of the floral fauna. The way they carry their color has a transformative quality, so if you are in search for a flower that has a lot of dynamic … Continue reading

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How Hydrangeas Work

Plump and round bloomed Hydrangeas are stunning symbols of prosperity. They make phenomenal accents in arrangements with their enormous spherical shape, especially the outstandingly healthy ones we grow at Global Rose. So beauteous, it may be hard to make a decision. … Continue reading

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