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How Hydrangeas Work

OrangePlump and round bloomed Hydrangeas are stunning symbols of prosperity. They make phenomenal accents in arrangements with their enormous spherical shape, especially the outstandingly healthy ones we grow at Global Rose. So beauteous, it may be hard to make a decision. It may be interesting to know some things about Hydrangeas, though. Some of our varieties of white, green, mini white-green, and ancient green Hydrangeas are actually all from the same plant just cut at different stages of its development. Depicted on the left is a mini white-green Hydrangea, a perfect clustered ornament of youthful decadence. Our Hydrangeas start off as green and transition into mini white-green, then to white and lastly ancient green. As the flower grows, the diameter increases, the ancient green being the fullest bloom. 

It’s glorious that so much visual variety can be appreciated from simply one plant. Likewise, certain colors (such as pink or blue) are just a matter of altering the components of the soil in which the plant is grown. You may have all sorts of colors sprouting from one plant! With the proper care, you have the potential to witness a flower’s transition! Our Hydrangeas are luscious examples that display the award-winning aesthetic excellence of this gorgeous bloom. You can enjoy any number of their unworldly beauty from our vast variety, but it’s nice to keep in mind that just as we have a great expanse of characters in our own families, so do flowers.


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