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Tag Archives: summer

Summer Flowers with Style!

Bring the sunshine inside your lovely abode with some simple yet creative DIY arrangements. We have suggestions to make it look like you worked hard slaving away at your creative stations for the perfect domestic adornments. Whether you want something … Continue reading

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The Flower of Freedom

The red carnation has a fascinating history that is rich with meaning. Known at times to be “flower of the gods” or “the flower of love”, this historic flower is more than its reputation of beauty and long-lasting durability proclaims. … Continue reading

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Summer Elegance: Bursting Blooms

The summer sun is powerful. Yes, no other season takes the credit for bringing gorgeous glowing skin and light-hearted cheeriness. Summer means freedom. The beautiful bright colors everywhere, the laughter, the music. We have all been witness to how making … Continue reading

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A Patriotic Twist: The 4th of July!

“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;” – Francis Scott Key You know those “crazy” people who have their homes so perfectly coordinated with the holidays … Continue reading

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The Flower That Captures Summer

Summer time is equivocated with bliss. The sun beats down on us all but we are still eager to soak it up, especially if water is near by. In fact, we take on some floral characteristics ourselves, if you think … Continue reading

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