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The Flower That Captures Summer

Summer time is equivocated with bliss. The sun beats down on us all but we are still eager to soak it up, especially if water is near by. In fact, we take on some floral characteristics ourselves, if you think about it. But enough musing on the similarities between sentient beings, after all, the sun is the life and energy source for us all. Let us turn our attention to different matters: what is the ultimate summer flower?

You may be wondering what the significance of this question is, but let me tell you that there are certain details that truly make a difference. Think of a suit without a tie at a formal event. Does that not create a completely different feel to a man’s ensemble? Is not the scale of elegance changed? Likewise, think of your summer (which should be bright and cheery, by all means!) without the perfect summery flower. Something’s missing on that dinning room table, I tell you.

You should have the ideal flower for yourself, first and foremost. However, there’s nothing wrong with soaking in some stylistic pride when guests come over to your BBQs and other summer-time fun events and noticeably feel that joyful ambiance in your fine living establishment. What did it take to achieve these results? Well, other than the glorious mood of the season itself, the “tie” is entailed in just the right summer-time decor! Do I hear a drum roll? Why, yes, the ultimate summer flower has to be the Sunflower. The bright golden mane, and that adorable center. This flower is prideful, cute, and flirty. Does any flower capture lighthearted happiness any better?

Enjoy summer! Vibrant sun provided by Nature, gorgeous sunflowers by Global Rose (and, to some extent, Nature…we can’t take all the credit).

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