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50 Shades of Red: Red Roses

Yes, yes, you know of the classic red rose and all of its famous influence. The red rose: the way a lover declares his heart’s delicious torment and devotion. The red rose: for those moments where our blood courses most violently. The red rose: the gift of one’s sincerest affection. But did you ever bother to know the rose more deeply? Or have you neglected it?

Shame on yourself, for there is much more to the red rose than people immediately think, rather, there are more reds than you can imagine, and each one has a specific intention of its own. So do not be another victim of ignorance! When it comes to roses, acquaint yourself with the breed’s many faces…after all, you do not want to send the wrong message, do you?

Hence we delve into our study of the classic and captivating red rose…or shall we say red roses?

This fiery and passionate member of the color wheel is dangerous, exciting, and powerful. Is this is not the very flower of love? Or at leas the symbol of its most associated sensations…

The most basic of reds is a provocative hue that inspires emotional intensity. Daring and demanding of attention, there is nothing subtle about the classic red rose.

Light red, on the other hand, caters to sensitivity, sensuality, and love: it speaks of the jovial bliss which consumes you.

The lightest of reds, pink roses, will signify romance as well but leaves more room for innocence, budding love, and friendship.

Dark and deep red shades have an aged quality to them, like wine, that suggests sophistication, vigor, seduction, courage, and composure. They are of an elegant variety that is simply mesmerizing.

The darkest of red roses, that are nearly black, have a masculine quality to them and are associated with harvest, mystery, and great surprise in store.

Send a colorful message, each hue expands into our hearts and sets the platform for an unforgettable experience.

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