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Creative Centerpiece Ideas

Being innovative with your centerpiece or bouquet designs does not have to be some sort of daunting task. In fact, it can be very simple. Especially when you have a lot of inexpensive wholesale flowers at your disposal, the material for your creative landscape. Anyway, If you are looking for something kitchy or perhaps flirty, we do have some ideas.

For example, you can arrange white carnations in the form of a “Sunday” ice-cream treat with a single red carnation in the middle as the “cherry on top”. You traditional milkshake or Sunday ice-cream glasses as a vase and make sure to cut the stems short and at carried lengths to help with creating the rounded globe-like appearance of an ice cream treat.

This cute idea will prove to a great source of conversation and perfectly fits unique personalities. Create the sense of a delicious illusion with something beautiful that has a personal flare as well. These choices tell a story to your guests about yourself. And what could be better? We have so many options at Global Rose, you wont be wanting for any particular shade. Go ahead and check out our online flower store!

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