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Cyber Monday and Holiday Specials

Every year produces a great hubbub around the marketing tricks and illusions that takes place during the holidays. After all, with Thanksgiving just passed and the Black Friday Weekend Sales, one starts to notice the tension between family-oriented gatherings and the merchant-orchestrated frenzies that happens at the malls and stores alike. Under the guise of being an occasion to help you get the ideal presents for your loved ones (and yourself), these events go as far as to actually bring people away from one another on a day such as Thanksgiving.

If symbolism and irony were to mate, the example of shopping-related holiday disconnectedness would probably be their crown child. You may have even noticed some advertisements on television that point out the elephant in the room. TJ Maxx and Marshalls this year, for example, made an ad capitalizing on how their sales are year-round. Reasonable prices are not something that you have to wait for a single day out of the whole year, even at the cost of precious family time.

Global Rose, in like manner, carries sales throughout the year and our prices are always striving for affordability without sacrificing an ounce of the quality. Fresh flowers belong at the family gatherings to share your moments like no other. We are a company whose interest is to bring you and your special ones together. So happy holidays from Global Rose.

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