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December Flowers: Embrace The Moment

Now that we are at that time where we begin to wave goodbye to fall and say hello to winter, you may be wondering about how to keep your lovely domicile, workplace, or event fresh with the season and the holiday flavor. Eggnog is great, but the visuals are important…cannot stress this enough, it truly has a say in how effective we are from day to day. Just as you may notice how important it is to keep your living space clean and inviting, you may carry the observation into everyday perceptions of your environment.

As human beings, we enjoy to switch things up and keep our days fresh and lovely. Just like it is grueling to do the same workout over and over or perhaps have the same meal continuously, we need some variety. Would the fashion industry have boomed to such degrees without this prospect of human nature?

That being said, you may want to try some things this winter to spice up the moment and feel the most alive. We recommend gorgeous reds, whites, and greens…these holiday colors warm the heart. Gold detailing and filler in your floral creations makes it magical, so do not hold back if you want something decadent. Remember, a simple collection of red roses in a vase will have you breathing a fresh and sweet air that will make you feel elated. It does not take much effort to feel the great holiday cheer, are those sleigh bells we hear ringing?

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