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Doctor’s Orders: Flowers For Smiles

Never allow a frown to consume you, or an idea eat you away while you nurse it. These are things that merely bring you down. The past is not something we can necessarily escape, but it does not own us to the various degrees we may allow it to. Having considered this, the weather, crushing events, or simply a bad mood are all things that can be worked on and in some way overcome.

You may or may not be a fan of science, but we do not need the recent studies (although they do exist) to confirm the effect of flowers are one’s mood. These earthy companions have done us such wonders. Is it any surprise we seek them during times of a need to express ourselves? Happy, overjoyed, sympathetic…whatever it may be, flowers have found a way into our hearts and taken root.

Out of the many orders of doctors throughout the history of medicine, some are now deemed ludicrous and yet some others have remained to stay for an eternity, flowers are one such remedy!

Sunny yellow flowers that light up face and brings surprises, that provide a beautiful companionship and take our minds to the most illustrious of places. Gorgeous petals that expand in a full bloom and make our hearts and souls do the same as they enchant us with the most alluring of stories. So many possibilities and a wealth of imagination and poetry are in store, they are something to take pure pleasure in.

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