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Fall and Winter 2015 Flower Fashion

A quote from Vogue Magazine on Flowers in Fashion:

Ditch the ditsy print and bring blooms to life in 3D, be it through accessory choices – a brooch, a hair slide or corsage as you’ll find creeping in more for autumn/winter 2015 – or through decoration detail. A neckline, a hem, or even all-over to sprout across a top or cami will be all the more interesting with teasing texture. Rodarte and Chanel were among those to show that flowers can grow beyond the confines of the garden fence.

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That is to say, incorporating flowers in your aesthetic, particularly fashion, does not have to be what is generally expected. For example, floral prints are always here to stay, but imagine fresh live flowers. What would those bring to the picture? Something delightful, surprising, and fun. A flower in the hair is a classic, but how often do we see that? How about making a statement that is still vintage? Classy knows its name in such movements.

An embellished piece is bound to have everyone’s heart enthralled, making the floral components pop out inspires an entirely renewed appreciation for true beauty. This is not just about fashion, of course, it is about the role and appearance of freshness in our lives.

Apply the logic to multiple venues, and you will find it continues to ring true. For example: packaged and processed snack versus freshly prepared snack with actual food, actual ingredients that are crunchy, sweet, salty, and juicy. You cannot get that through “the mill” and it says the same thing about you when you incorporate fresh flowers  into your lifestyle. It means you are fresh too. Fresh and lively.

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