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Flowery Moments in Love

Does it matter at what point to gift flowers to your significant other?  We have heard a lot around the block regarding the topic of when is the best time to gift flowers when a relationship begins, but there is no need to go to advice websites like Ask Alice with this question, we have got you covered.

Bottom line, if you are ever planning on gifting flowers then you should have one goal in mind and that is to impress. There does not have to be a special event in mind, an early date, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day…but the intent must be there! This is vital, because although “just because” flowers are rather ideal since they have no particular impetus than one’s heart…flowers are never a casual affair!

Of course, in the debate of flower gifting, we recommend you focus more on type and color of flower, as that certainly does have a lot of weight as communicates as strong or soft a message as you may wish depending on what you pick.

Light hues such as pinks and yellows are more friendly and demure than passionate and loud red. Keep in mind that flowers are always appreciated for their freshness and dainty appeal, but why not make the moment extra special?

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