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How to Make A Christmas Table Centerpiece

If you are looking to make a fresh Christmas centerpiece this year, it does not need to be a daunting task. We have an easy to follow breakdown of the steps it takes to have something both ethereal and fabulous for your dining table decor this Christmas. The flowers are the base, but these tips will help you take care of the rest:


First and foremost, select your color palette. This will determine the entire feeling of the table centerpieces for christmas.The absolute classic, red and green, is sure to always be perfect for the holidays. You can bring your Christmas floral arrangements to life by adding extra details such as sparkly gold-treated branches (which can be purchased at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) or silvery mistletoe that can be wrapped along the stems of flowers for that magical touch.

Some other choices which are sure to be just as gorgeous are warm colored hues such as deep plum purples and resonating golden oranges. Moreover, simple pairings such as white and silver or white and gold are equally impressive; both pair gracefully with greenery and pine detailing.


The being said, your table centerpieces for Christmas would not be complete without some well chosen accessories. Whether they be real or electronic, the soft and romantic glow of candles at the dining room table is a warm touch that is sure to go noticed whilst still maintaining the gentle subtlety of elegance.

Extra ornaments that compliment your color scheme is another great way to use accessories for your 2015 Christmas arrangements. The shiny globe-like shapes which have been historically known for their reminiscence of perfection itself are a fitting addition that can easily be implemented by placing them on an appropriate dish besides your floral arrangement or on either side as christmas centerpiece decorations. Try ornaments of various sizes for a display which interminably entertains the eye.

You may also consider beautiful Christmas ribbons to wrap around your vase, bells, pine cones, tree branches, or decorative fruit. All of these details, well places, make for  fascinating participants of your Christmas centerpiece for the dining table.


You can choose to spend a little more time on your vase if you wish for a particularly innovative display. For example, lining the outside of a low square vase with candy canes is cute and festive, a sweet touch, no doubt. A big goblet gives a an old-world feeling that is grounded and transports you to times of such lavish excellence and jubilation  that your party is sure to absorb such feelings by osmosis.

A table that has the center lined with mason jars is a friendly idea for table centerpieces for Christmas that is more down to earth and kitschy.


Lastly, we strongly recommend heading to Pinterest for the plethora of visual inspiration, where christmas centerpiece ideas from the simple to the extravagant can be found and will surely help your creative juices flow!


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