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Make Your Fresh Flowers Last Longer: Holiday Tips!

Adoringly beautiful, flowers definitely bring something to the table. It is not much of a wonder that they are appreciated by all. A unique significance to their beauty is intrinsically related to their freshness…hence false flowers simply do not have the same magnitude of appeal that their perishable counterparts have.

Still, is there not a way to make the pleasure that flowers give last longer? Many do no know some simple tips to extend the life of your flowers and keep enjoying them for days and days. Firstly, it is important to start off with the freshest blooms possible. That is why we ship our flowers in bud form so that they may bloom before you and you may have absolutely fresh flowers.
It is very important to cut the stems of the flowers about an inch, since during their travels, they have dried up a bit.

Next, we highly recommend making a concoction of slight warm water with about 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Once mixed, make sure to prepare this for the vase of the flowers. This flower food will help fight any bacteria and keep your flowers well nourished. You may even notice that blooms that had appeared previously weak will be happy and healthy in a matter of hours.

Lastly, change the water (and prepare the solution) every two to three days. You wouldn’t drink out of a cup of water that was three days old, right? Flowers like fresh-tasting water too. If possible, trim to the stems a little bit too!

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