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Not All Flowers Wait

For a moment he stared at her gorgeous frame, eyes tracing curves reflective of paradise. True sustenance is sometimes within reach.

With what expertise have we associated women and flowers to the point that she must wait to bloom, to be plucked, to be appreciated. Is the comparison fair? We will leave that up to you.

Either way, it is true with both flowers and women that neither one must wait for you to appreciate them. The flower does not need anyone to tell it to expand into glorious bloom. Sometimes the flower may choose to only do so at night, as is the case with certain varieties…others perhaps only during particular times of the year.

The philosophy of flowers and women is one worth spending time on, but one thing is for sure…our flowers are delivered fast and fresh every time.

Sometimes, there are no words to express ones intention as eloquently as flowers can. Timing is of the essence. Rather than risk it, order something incredible, an abundant amount of roses that make a statement.

Perhaps a conversation can ensue regarding women and flowers whilst the air is permeated by the sweet and decadent scent of roses.

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