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Roses for Life’s Moments: Fire and Passion

Burning inside the core of humanity is an unnamable quality that defines existence itself. This force thrashes within us, it is beautiful but also causes us much suffering. We demand a certain quality of life, a standard of existence — and, as a consequence, pay a price for it when necessary. Yet if we could bottle this very feeling, we would have the source of all impetus in this very world. The thing that moves us all to greatness, beyond the confines of our bodies and the mundane routines that seek to define us and suffocate our human potential. If I told you that there was an arrangement that captured this “force” of human life, that symbolized all that put us through the throws of life: through woes and strife, pain and pleasure — would you dare to partake in it?Orange

Yes, there is one such floral combination that suggests the human condition. It is alluring, exotic, and divine. An arrangement that is the fire of life, and we have just the flowers to create this powerful statement. Why, you may ask. To put it simply, if you want something powerful that says a lot, using these flowers are the way to go. Due to the elegant folds of roses, they hold the mystery of life and its layers. To bring out the burning impetus, use orange and yellow roses. A bouquet the color of fire, enhance your environment with the positive energy of this life-source. Include some blue filler flowers to represent that cool tint that glows in a burning fire. Assemble these together, and you are in store for quite the visual treat.Orange

Sometimes, flowers are suited to be demure and quietly delightful, but an arrangement of fire and passion is on a different plane. It is here to be heard and to influence. Never allow a dull moment to consume you, these flowers certainly have none of that, and they won’t let you do such a disservice to yourself either. We have got all the materials, you just need the impetus to bring quality fresh flowers into your life. A small effort that gives a lot in return.

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