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Scrumptious Blooms: Touch Me Pink

Have you ever wondered what flower is always right no matter what? Yes, the red rose is often appropriate, but each flower – and beyond that, color – bears a significance that makes all the difference. So weather you are thinking about gifting flowers or using them as decor, you may want to keep in mind that there is an impression to be given…as is the case with many other things we give attention to…presentation holds some weight.

Taking it back to the subject of flowers, hands down the most classic choice (and with good reason) is the rose. Roses possess a delicate beauty and are luxurious…their soft petals and gentle appearance makes the subject of admiration quite instantly. Of course, there are many other options such carnations, lilies and hydrangeas but when it comes to roses, there is never an occasion they are not suited for.

The part to discuss is color. What color you choose will say something, even if it is subconsciously, to the receiver. For example, red is a passionate and fiery hue so if there are any gray lines between you and the other person…this can definitely straighten out the message. Classic as red is, depending on the context, the message of the flower can carry your intention to the fullest. Orange, softer in appearance, is more energetic, and since it is blended with yellow undertones, it has a friendly and sunny disposition. Yet when it comes to a universal rose, the prize has to go to the pink rose. Sympathy, romance, celebration, esteem, condolences, apologies…whatever it may be, pink has the malleability to be appropriate for all.

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