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Thankful for Beauty: Petals of Luxury

Time may lapse amongst wonderful and magical events. This is an unfortunate truth at the grains of present form a crust over the past…making it all the more difficult to retrieve a reality that gripped us so vibrantly, the very nerve of existence seized by our emotional pincers…somehow, these things weaken.

Yet is it truly a thing to be lamented in the end? The constant need for renewal is an ancient property that persists as something of great admirability. Love, for example, must be sustained. Although you may have it or not, it must still be approached with care, attention, and devotion for eternity.

The mind and body needs exercise as well in order to maintain optimum function. Hence, flowers are a testament to this beauty, this rise and fall of existence. We enjoy them as they bloom so impressively, but cannot keep them forever. Hence we mirror our very own realities in a bouquet of roses.

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