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That Special Day

Nearly every month has some sort of dedication, at least nationally. Actually, there is almost at event/cause/theme for nearly every day…in fact, just a few days ago…it was notional cat day! Even if it may be a bit ridiculous… there is a day for some of the most intriguing things. Likewise, whole months may have several dedications. This month of November, for example, happens to be (amoungst other things) dedicated to Aviation History.

Now, because it is fall, what we often think of are pumpkins, beautiful leaves, rich colors, and family. Yet had we taken just a moment to acknowledge the immense significance of aviation in our lives, we would see how relevant it truly is. For example, the packages you receive or the visits you may make…well, they have clearly been influenced by this circumstance.

Lastly, we would like to say that sharing has been easier with these inventions of mankind. Sharing one’s sympathy, for example. Flowers have been with us since way before all such technology, they have been our companions. So maybe this November, take a moment to appreciate this wonder of life…and smell the roses.

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