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The League of Love


With flowers, the story of love is in a league of its own. It seems there may be too many reasons to love them. Or perhaps it’s surprising that something which cannot “respond” can somehow hold such excellent conversation. Flowers, above all, are experts of seduction and hold a glance with the intensity of unimaginable depth. A sensual ornament of award-winning quality, they delight eyes, nose, touch and, in some cases, taste. However, they must transcend their beauty, for there are things of great aesthetic value that do not continually please and amaze in the same way that flowers do. Their power is quite exclusive. They have established themselves as distinguished amongst transmitters of joy.

It may be as Okakura says: That it does not matter what the situation may be, through their silent communication they may share with us the fluttering torments and exuberances of our souls as do our friends — and that makes them quite the gift.

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