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The Proposal: Engaged With A Rose

Staring so serenely at her from across the table, a warm glow envelopes her. Had there been words enough to express the strands that make up his heart’s deepest desires and feelings…but alas, words seem to fall short. She is sweetly scented with an amorous disposition. Refined, breathtakingly gorgeous, eternally alluring…there is but one necessary step to take, to embark on this journey with her by your side. Her  feminine mystique ceaselessly impresses, each layer a new finding laced with purity and the most sincere of intentions. How could one part with something so good? Dare I say perfect? Perhaps. To have even touched upon perfection to any degree is beauty in of itself. For that, she deserves the most profound admiration. She is splendorous in every right of her destined existence, which ripples out into his and combines into a most immense ocean of complexity, depth, and significance.

So magnificent, perhaps this union is catastrophic. Yet is it not worth diving in? What a wonder to part with such addictive beauty. This dependency a dire consequence yet a necessity to continue tasting something of such extraordinary flavor. Never bland itself, but sometimes we are so overwhelmed we become lost. Tasting so much we may taste nothing. Even so, despite all these dangers, there has never been a more worthy voyage with prospects that indelibly outweigh all others. So, in this case, I must confess, I must get down bow and submit to what commands me so irresistibly. This proposal I hope you accept, for she is my everything that ever was and could be. She is, of course, a rose.

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