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Using Flowers At Unexpected Times

Some wars cannot be won. We often say that flowers are for times when we are over joyed and need to express it, such as a gift on Valentine’s Day, for an anniversary, or to commemorate the excitement and booming love in store at a wedding. We remember their insurmountable importance at times of brightness. Yet we forget that flowers have a presence that can do more than surf a wave of happiness, in fact, they can carry it. So even in times of goodbye, no matter what the circumstances, they can do a lot to cheer you up and help in the healing process.sdfsdf

Truth is, we often have chapters we need to close, whether it be passed away loved ones or perhaps a fallen love that could not function. We cannot run away from the lows of life, but we can approach it with full confidence that the pendular motion of existence insures that each day can be drastically different and there is hope. It may seem like a strange indulgence, but it’s one well worth it when “moving on”. In fact, it is quite healthy to do such services for one’s self. In countries infamous for dark and dreary weather, statistics tell us flowers become a product of great necessity to pass the days with a touch of elation. No matter what the hurt, consider this step towards easing the pain. Any sort of flower will do, their fresh and lively presence is all that is needed, we recommend the elegant yellow hues that come in lilies, tulips, and roses for a start.

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