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Valentine Fundraising Ideas

In search of roses for a Valentine’s Day fundraiser? Regardless of the occasion, we are sure to have the right package for you. For example, if it be a school valentine’s day fundraiser, the ever so popular choice of selling stems of carnations is a classic with good reason. You can go with our bulk carnations which is a ideal for fundraisers for valentine’s day and can be sent with either personalized card-grams written by the sender or a simple V-day slip of to and from. This bulk flower option comes with different colored flowers from pink to red which of course allows greater freedom for the sender to express his or her’s sentiments. Allowing a little room for buyers to personalize their message makes the fundraiser more attractive and hence more likely to be a great success.

Bear in mind, when it comes to valentines fundraiser ideas for schools, adding a bit of variety will speak to more people. For example, the durable carnation, which is undoubtedly the easiest to handle can be your main offering, but if you choose to also sell roses (at a slightly higher rate) it will speak to those who have their hearts set on a Valentine’s Day rose as the most elegant gift that resonates with them. A variety of flowers is a great route to go for a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser, but if not, simply choose one (of course, we recommend either carnations or roses), and do not forget to focus on your card options as well! Valentine’s day cards should be sold alongside the flowers for greater profit!

A valentine’s day fundraiser is not exclusive to the academic realm of course. This holiday of love corresponds to all shades of love, especially Caritas. Caritas is the Latin word for charitable love. Whether it be in the halls of a company, or in that of a hospital, raising funds with a valentine’s day flower fundraiser is an accessible and successful option. Flowers are historically the great  communicators of a powerful message to mankind, they will eternally hold a special place in our hearts, and are hence ideal for such occasions. If you are on short valentine’s day fundraiser ideas for church, do not hesitate to consider what the ethereal bloom and its divine sensibilities can do for you! A floral touch is simple, dignified, and yet immensely moving. The simple gesture of sending a flower is deeply connected with religious concepts of peace, love, and acceptance. The relief of the cool hand on the forehead and brow of distress is represented in the ever so symbolic gift of the rose.

A Valentine’s fundraiser with roses can offer a large variety of colors from whites, reds, and pinks but if you are looking to simply the process, then the route should undoubtedly be red. Why? Because red is the color of passion, the blood that runs through our veins, the motivating color of bravery and everything the pushes us outside of ourselves and towards the arms greatness. Red does not have to be romantic passion, it is simply passion itself, which can bend in any direction as long their is zest for whatever it may be: friendship, environmental health, or dedication to scientific development. Your valentine’s fundraiser ideas are not confined to one particular cause, as you can see, in selling the flower, what you sell is the boat which carries the sender’s message…whatever he or she wants it to be. This flexibility is precisely what makes valentine’s day raiser flowers ideal for raising funds, because there is no one who cannot benefit from the persuasive, enticing, and ever so powerful rose.

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