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Beautiful Flowers and Their Meanings

We covered some of the interesting associations within the language of flowers in this post here. It adds quite a bit of dimension when you are familiar with the symbolic significance of the flowers you gift yourself and others. Each bloom has its own unique beauty, as does much vegetation, why not acquaint yourself with its unique world?

Lotus: So anciently embraced, this flower is often talked about in scopes beyond its presence such as in Yoga, yet the lotus is known, above all, for its innocence, purity, and eloquence. It is considered a flower of chastity.

Rose: Although with multilayers of complexity depending on the color you are considering, there are some things to note about the genre “rose” itself. Did you know that a thornless rose is used to indicate love at first site? The first few colors of roses were of light pink, blush, and cream hues. A pink rose, for example, means grace. Dark pink signifies gratitude…good to know next time you wish to show your appreciation.

Rosemary: Perhaps the most sensational herb due to its powerfully alluring fragrance and taste, rosemary is a sign of remembrance.

Sweet pea: A popular fragrance, Sweet pea is a way of saying you give someone your thanks.

Soon to come are different combinations of roses and their unique meanings.

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