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Tie The Knot With Budget Friendly Winter Wedding Tips

We believe that tying the knot with the love of your life is a precious and only moment for you that you want to make beautiful. But if you are tense because of over budget or expenses that can ruin your bank balance. Then worry not. We are here with some budget friendly winter wedding ideas that will change your dream wedding into a reality. 

The excitement of a wedding sometimes leaves you confused and does not allow you to think clearly. So for the budget-conscious couple, we have gathered some affordable wedding ideas that will help you organize a beautiful wedding during the eve of Christmas with the coziness of winter. Whether it’s decoration, flowers, meals, sitting arrangements or your special guests , everything will be under the budget you have decided. 

Affordable Wedding Ideas To Cherish The Moment Of Forever 

To add cherry on top to your winter wedding planning we have come up with unique and affordable wedding ideas that you must go for to keep the wedding budgeting scenario in your control. 

Budget Friendly Winter Wedding Flowers

When it’s about decoration the only thing that comes to your mind first is buying flowers in bulk. It will not only help in adding beauty but can also reduce the unnecessary expenses that happen in the name of decoration. Choosing seasonal flowers for a wedding is a good option. You can use red winter berries, roses, fronds of fir, mistletoe, and eucalyptus. These flowers are best to include in the floral corner of your wedding instead of artificial and costly stuff.

Decorate Your Day With Budget Friendly Stuff 

Winter is a season of romance and having your day in this season feels like out of the world. During Christmas Eve many couples get married and if you are one of them, it’s God’s grace. Here we have mentioned budget-friendly tips that you can use to organize your wedding.

Christmas Tree

To make your day more beautiful with an eye on budget, You can add Christmas trees to your winter wedding venue. At the time of Christmas, it does not cost too much and you can find it in bulk. Using these trees with an addition of colorful ribbons, bows, and bells will make them more beautiful without any cost.


Candles are also budget-friendly stuff that can be used to increase the beauty of your day. It’s a symbol of romance that can be used creatively.

Seasonal Lights And Christmas Red

When it’s all about Christmas wedding ideas on a budget then why neglect seasonal lights and Christmas red? Seasonal lights are not bound to a particular season. You can install it in your wedding which will leave the guests amazed with its appearance under budget. 

You can also use Christmas red on the dining table or ceremony chairs.  It has a contrast with your wedding theme white. So choosing Christmas red is a smart way to manage the budget.

Green Foliage 

As it is a winter-themed wedding, you can use green foliage on the ceiling to decorate it. Instead of using flowers, foliage will be a better option to decorate the ceiling. Hanging foliage from the top will not only look good but unique and impressive too.

Invitation Card With Graphics 

Among the parts of winter wedding venue invitation cards play a vital role. We hardly pay attention to this part of the wedding but it costs too much when we figure out the loss. To maintain the budget of your wedding table keep the card simple and formal. 

As it is a winter wedding, a formal white card with a beautiful font and graphic on it will look cool. As It does not require any color addition or excessive printing so it will rock in the winter wedding venue in terms of budget 

Invite A Few Guests Only 

Keep your guests limited. Invite your beloved and close ones only. A limited guest list will not affect the budget friendly winter wedding you have decided and will also help in the maintenance.

Dining Table With Floral Touch 

If you want to make your dining table classy under budget then go for the floral touch. It will cost less and will give a sense of freshness.

You can also use greenery garlands to decorate your table instead of spending on every single item of attraction. 

Choose Shawls To Drape The Chair 

As it is a winter wedding so  instead of choosing expensive clothes you can drape the chair with your favorite shawls. It will save your money and creatively reusing something is a smart and friendly way to save resources. 

Go For White

Choose a white theme for your wedding. It will match with the winter season and will look cozy and classy. With this, it will also help in maintaining your bank balance. 

Cake For Your Day 

The cake is an important part of a wedding as it’s a symbol of love, sweetness and joy. So to keep this under budget you can have seasonal fruit cake and some toppings of chocolate on it. 

Corner Of Hot Beverages 

As it is a winter wedding, including a warm one among the guests is a must. You can serve hot Beverages such as hot soups, coffee, mulled wine, and tea. These simple and delicious choices will not cost too much. So Instead of booking winter wedding planners to bring caterers for a special touch to a meal, you can choose this simple hot Beverage idea.

Ideas For Bride To Be Dress, Decors, And Clicks

A bride shows more concern about her dress for her special day which mostly brings disaster to the budget. So to save your money without compromising with your wedding vision we have some tips for you. 

Replace Embellishments With Simplicity 

Keep your dress simple with minimum layers and stuff. Excessive layers and embellishments can cost much and look over. Embracing a simple way to dress up on your day will bring an effect without any loss.

Seasonal Floral Bouquet 

A beautiful bridal bouquet full of greenery, pines, seasonal flowers, and wedding roses can be gifted to the bride which looks simple and beautiful. So Instead of exploring a florist shop, you can use these simple and effective things to bring a smile to a bride’s face.

Add Green Foliages for Budget Friendly Winter Wedding

For the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be, the wedding chair, and décor cost too much as it is the center of attraction. So to avoid expenses you can decorate the chair with seasonal flowers and foliage. 

Create Memories In Snow 

Wedding photography is one of the most expensive parts of the whole wedding that costs most of the budget. To remove such unnecessary stuff you can go for photography in snowfall. It will give your photographs a sense of elegance, and romance and will look highly classy.

Choose Black Velvet

A suit of Black Velvet is a perfect choice for a groom. It can help in maintaining the class and will keep the groom warm. It’s even better than expensive suit material that does not guarantee warmth in winter.

DIY Wedding Décor Tips Under Budget For Your Day 

In the list of DIY arrangement tips, we have some selected suggestions for you that are mentioned below to decorate your wedding day which will look quite impressive without any cost.

Cloud Backdrop 

For your photogenic guests, one of the easiest and best decor ideas is a cloud backdrop. These are made up of polyester stuffing and paper lanterns and look fluffy and beautiful. It can even protect the savings that photographers and videographers ask for arranging costly setups for a few clicks and videos. 


In winter, pinecones can be found easily in bulk and used creatively. You can decorate the pinecones with colors and glitters that don’t even cost too much. It’s a super budget-friendly way to decorate your special day.

Painted Candle Bottles  

Painted bottles are a good choice instead of purchasing candle holders. These painted candle bottles are easy to make. You just have to paint the empty bottles in the color of your choice with additional stuff in it. When you put a candle in it, it will look super cool and gorgeous just like a perfect candle holder. 

Jar Lights 

Jar lights are good for decorating your wedding day and you can add them to the list of dining table stuff for the guests. To create jar lights you just have to put LED lights inside the jar with the addition of sparkle in it. 

Mercury Glass Centerpieces 

Having Mercury glass centerpieces is affordable and easy to make. You just need a glass candle holder and any shiny Mercury-colored spray paint. Paint the candle holder with spray paint and add flowers or candles. This way you can use  Mercury glass centerpieces to decorate your wedding day.

Winter Flowers Corsages 

You can make corsages for your guests or your dining table under budget. You can choose colors that match your wedding theme and can add seasonal Christmas flowers,  evergreen sprigs, or can also use paper flowers. 

Ornamental Centerpiece 

Making ornamental wedding centerpieces is a very effective, beautiful, and easiest thing to include in your wedding ceremony. You just need to use a silver plate with a candle on it and have to surround the bottom with Christmas tree ornaments. It is super budget-friendly to use. 

Burlap Floral Gift Boxes 

You can use this burlap floral gift to decorate your wedding day such as tables, walls, and many more. These are so easy to make and do not cost too much. To make these boxes you need a box board, twines, and burlap ribbon. With these, you can also use winter-season flowers to decorate it. It gives a pleasant floral smell and is easy to add to your wedding. 

Apple Candle Holders

Using an apple as a candle holder is a unique and cute idea. Although you can use real apples, it will not provide amazing results. So to make a candle holder you can buy artificial apples from any craft store. Which does not require a big amount. To place a candle in the apple first you have to hollow it then put it inside the apple. To make it more beautiful you can use wax, glitter, and artificial snow in it. 


These are some of the amazing and affordable tips for winter weddings that we discussed with you to make your day special under budget. If you are also a budget-conscious couple but don’t want to compromise with the vision you have for your wedding then these tips have been selected for you. Go ahead and cherish your forever moment with these budget friendly winter wedding tips.

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