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Always a Day to Remember!

So you’ve got it all! Candy, cards, an exaggeratedly large stuffed animals, and even a beautiful and thoughtful poem you’ve written yourself and yet still there’s something missing… That’s where we come in! February 14th is just a week away and whether you’re in the United States celebrating Valentine’s Day or in Mexico celebrating Dia del Amor y la Amistad, we have just a bit of advice to give you… Make it a day you and your loved ones will always remember!

And while we’re on the subject of remembering… Valentine’s Day is not only a celebration of romantic love! Try reaching out to someone who wouldn’t expect it this year. Take the opportunity to contact someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while; maybe a friend, or a distant relative. You simply never know who might love being remembered this Valentine’s Day.

Save your money and avoid the poetry if possible, because a lot of times we find that flowers express words and convey emotions or feelings, much better than candy, toys, or written words ever could. Flowers don’t beat around the bush and they don’t mince words! Giving someone a stunning floral gift is a great way to strengthen existing bonds and nurture new ones.

Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful holiday, but finding the perfect gift can prove to be difficult if not otherwise costly and time consuming. GlobalRose want you to stay #AbsolutelyFresh through life’s most important moments and it’s why we try to make the process of finding the right gift as easy and as smooth as possible.

From everyone here at the GlobalRose Blog we’d love to wish you all a safe and happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your special day is filled with nothing but joy and love! Don’t forget to reach out to someone special this year, you never know who could use the boost, and to remember to always stay #AbsolutelyFresh!

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