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DIY Wedding Flower Checklist – Ultimate Guide

Wedding Flower bouquets are unique. This is because it’s not every day that we get a chance to walk around with a bouquet of tulips or set our dinner table each night with a vase of fluffy roses.

Flowers play an essential part in weddings of almost all cultures and religions. Since, they represent beauty, life, and new beginnings, perfect for two people who are about to embark on the most important journey. If you want flowers that look their best, order varieties available in your area during the season you’re getting married.

The shorter the journey a flower has to make, the fresher it will be. Photos of flowers you like and the dress you’re going to wear are good things to carry along when you go to the florist.

So, they will be able to get a sense of your tastes and style that way. You might want to order these flowers to make your big day bloom with beauty and love, but you don’t know how to get started. In this article, we have formulated a wedding flowers checklist.


You’ll need to decide on the bouquet’s shape in addition to the flower variety and color you want. Several popular options, including the classic round, which features densely packed flowers in a circular shape. Smaller and more closely packed, like a nosegay, is ideal for a petite bride to carry.

With their stems dangling, cascading bouquets look like vines scaling a wall, with greenery or ribbons trailing behind them. As per this wedding flowers checklist, the aesthetic of a hand-tied bouquet is beautiful and unpretentious, as if you just went out into the garden, picked some flowers, added some foliage, and then tied it all up with ribbon or fabric.

You must make sure that the bride’s bouquet is perfect. It’s the most photographed floral arrangement in your whole wedding. So, make sure to invest in this. Remember that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Pricing is determined by the quality and not the quantity of the flowers.

Reception Flowers

As per our wedding flowers checklist, the reception can get benefit from the ceremony’s flowers as well. Make a plan for the flowers’ transportation and use enormous bouquets to adorn the reception entrance or buffet table. The guestbook table or the ladies’ room can benefit from a splash of color from smaller flowers.

Check with your venue beforehand to verify whether any flowers will be in place, such as in the ladies’ room before ordering any floral décor to spice up the reception. Low glass vases packed with peonies are as striking as towering vases overflowing with flowers.

Hair flowers for the bride

This is an optional arrangement, but it should have the top priority status if you decide to go this route. With floral hair accessories, it’s essential to take extra care to ensure they look their best. They may even outnumber the bouquet in terms of attention as per this wedding flowers checklist.

Bouquets for the Bridesmaids

After the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets are the second most crucial arrangement. It’s not a requirement, but many couples prefer to include them.

Throwing a Flower Bouquet

If you’re planning on saving your flowers, you may want to consider an alternative to throwing your bouquet in the air. To save money, use a bridesmaid’s bouquet for the bouquet toss if you’re preserving your own for preservation.

Keep the flower girl’s bouquet to a manageable size. Alternatively, you can ask her to throw out feathers or other non-petals.

Boutonniere for the Groom

On the wedding day, boutonnieres are a fun way to match the groom to his bride. A few little blooms will do; you will need nothing more.

Boutonnieres, Corsages, and Nosegays

Having matching boutonnieres, corsages, or nosegays for other members of the bridal party and significant guests isn’t something you need. However, it’s something to consider. The ring bearer, the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom, the officiant, and the ushers could all be included.

Floral Arrangements for the Ceremony and Welcome Table

We like putting these flowers out to greet everyone on the wedding day. You don’t have to stick to the same look if you use a different type of decor. Think of lanterns, fruit, branches, or even terrariums as centerpieces for your wedding reception.

Arrangements for an Altar or Chuppah

The majority of your ceremony images will look good against the backdrop of these centerpieces. Even though florals aren’t essential for your altar, we’d love to see a floral arch. If you want to save money on flowers, there are many other options for altar decoration besides flowers.

Arrangements for Pews and Chairs

They’ll make your guests’ seats look more elegant. The aisle will look even more lovely with them. You can use an organic style arrangement on the floor as a typical pew marker is more difficult to repurpose.

Decor for the Aisles

Experts advise setting up two statement arrangements on either side of the aisle to make a large effect without spending a lot of money. Without having to put numerous small arrangements down the aisle, it effectively frames the aisle and provides an excellent shot.

Doling Out Petals to Your Guests

This is a fun photo opportunity, but it is unnecessary. Ask your guests to fling leaves, herbs, or eco-friendly confetti as an alternative to traditional confetti.

Setting up the Bar

To have a good time, go to the bar. It’s a terrific opportunity to recycle a statement arrangement from your wedding.


We encourage couples to splurge a little more on their centerpieces. Couples should allocate a larger portion of their floral money to arrangements and flowers likely to be photographed the most. Arrangements of smaller scale used to embellish other decor items are just as striking as those of a bigger scale.

Flower Decorations for a Wedding Cake

Including a floral wedding cake in your flower budget is a good idea. Don’t forget about the cake table settings.

Arrangements for Buffet Tables and Food Stations

If you’re decorating the food tables with florals, keep them on the smaller side because there isn’t much additional room. To free up tablespace, you may hang flower chandeliers above the buffet.

Furniture Setups in the Living Room

There is no right or wrong way to decorate your living room’s lounge area with flowers. For the most part, this area is for guests to congregate and relax.

Flowers can be anything from nothing to elaborate installations, depending on your personal preferences, budget, etc.

Decorations for the Powder Room

Don’t forget about the powder room when you’re planning your wedding day’s floral decor. When it comes to finishing touches, you can consider putting bud vase arrangements in restrooms. All of these extras help set the mood for your wedding in certain places. These places include areas where guests will be congregating for most of your reception’s duration.

Vehicle Reserving for a Getaway

Flowers aren’t necessary, but they’re the most beautiful additions to adorable getaway car signs and decor. Opt for a luxuriant wreath or garland for a truly “just married” look.

Follow this diy wedding flowers checklist to have amazing floral arrangements at your wedding.

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