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Buying a Product
  • Select a product from the top bar of any page on the site. A drop menu will let you see the options.
  • After choosing the product you can click or scroll sideways to see the different options for each product. Please click on the option of your choosing.
  • Click the "see details" or "Buy" button where you will then see the description of the item. Once your are ready follow step 1 and pick the delivery date, step 2 the quantity you want and step 3: add to shopping cart.
  • Enjoy your flowers. Be Happy.
  • Fill in the order and credit card information form. For your protection, your credit card information will NOT be stored on our server.
  • You may view variety listings on the Rose Varieties Link or other flowers link.
Product Description
$ Per Stem Dollar amount for each Stem.
$ Per Bunch Dollar amount for each Bunch.
Bunches Per Box How many bunches inside each Box.
$ Per Box Total dollar amount for the Box.
Select Quantity
Per Shipment
Select the Quantity from the drop down menu and choose the amount of boxes delivered.