Whatever your occasion, affair, or event, Globalrose.com offers a multitude of Multi Color Roses in brilliant colors for you to choose from. Our Multi Color Roses are variations of colors such as brilliant reddish white, gorgeous whitish red, soft creamy pink, bright reddish yellow, gentle light pink, vibrant dark pink, and beautiful creamy white. Each beautiful Multi Color Rose can be a magnificent presentation alone, or arranged together with other roses, or flowers we have available. Don't limit yourself going elsewhere, Globalrose.com has a wide variety of the highest quality, freshest roses and flowers in the marketplace, second to none. All roses you receive will be in its bud stage, and will bloom open within two to three days into a magnificent traditional shaped rose. Color tones for all roses and flowers may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

  • Multi Color Roses are a marvelous choice for bouquets, floral arrangements, centerpieces, in addition to, combining them with other roses and flowers to create a gorgeous floral masterpiece. Multi Color Roses create a marvelous ambiance in any setting, during the day, evening, indoors or out. Winter, spring, summer or fall, these elegant roses are a superb choice, setting the tone, creating a wonderful atmosphere for your affair. With so many wonderful holidays, special occasions, and events throughout the year, Globalrose.com will cater all your floral needs. With 30 years of experience growing exceptional flowers are "our" business!

    Globalrose.com surpasses all others in excellence when ordering roses and flowers on line, providing top notch customer service and satisfaction, including free delivery of every order.

    Selling wholesale roses and a wide variety of flowers at affordable prices that are lower than most local wholesalers makes Globalrose.com the only choice for your floral needs.

    At Globalrose.com, all our roses and wide variety of flowers are grown in greenhouses, using the latest technology offered, environmentally friendly so we can guarantee absolute quality and freshness every single day of the year. Every rose and flower at Globalrose.com are inspected for perfection, hand cut with care specially for you 4 days prior to shipment affording optimal freshness and quality, which is more than a week earlier than most other retailers and wholesalers can promise. We carefully pack and ship all flowers directly from our greenhouses via FedEx who delivers them right to your door or any location of your choice. Cutting out the middleman means our flowers get to you faster, fresher and at a much lower cost than you would pay elsewhere. At Globalrose.com we guarantee that you will be pleased with your flower purchase and become one of our many returning and loyal customers for many years to come.

Multi Color Roses

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