Lavender Roses are incredibly stunning as they are graced with a unique and whimsical allure. Lavender Roses entice the eye with their lush petals which radiate a soft, yet very dramatic hue, giving them an intoxicating grandeur. Their exotic and fascinating appeal may very well be why Lavender Roses have long been associated with feelings of enchantment, love at first sight, and deep affection.

  • Lavish the one you desire most in the petals of elegant Lavender Roses in which undulate and cascade ever so elegantly into robust blooms. For the one that enchants you, the one whom you admire deeply, bestow upon them these extraordinary blooms, for they will say everything you have yet to. Select from the delicate cool water Lavender Rose, or the intriguing bicolor purple rose, with lavender hues and deep purples. Charm with your thoughtful side by adorning the room in Lavender Roses for romantic nights in, instead of the traditional red rose. However, these roses shouldn't be reserved for only romantic occasions. Whenever you, or someone dear to you, needs revitalizing, the magical and calming presence of Lavender Roses will do the trick!

    At Global Rose, we pride ourselves in offering you the freshest Lavender Roses possible, so we cut your blossoms just days before they arrive at your door. Your roses will arrive in buds which take 3-4 days to bloom, allowing more time for your enjoyment, so please be sure to place your order accordingly. Also, please note that color tones for all roses and flowers may vary due to monitor screen, and of course, Mother Nature.

Lavender Roses

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