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Peruvian Lilies Your Choice of Color Alstroemerias
240 Blooms of Your Choice of Color Select Alstroemerias 60 Stems
Wonderful Distinct!

Send a big smile with Peruvian Lilies in your choice of color. With Alstroemerias, you will never go wrong.
SKU: GLO000717

60 Stems of Select Alstroemerias
6 bouquets of 10 stems each
Color: Your Choice
Hand Picked
The stems are 22" - 24" long

Vase Life: 6 - 12 Days
Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Blooms 
Time to Bloom: 23 - 57 Hours
Diameter when bloomed: 1.6" - 1.8"
240 Blooms: 3 - 6 alstroemeria(s) per stem
Number of Petals per Flower: 4 to 7

Product Code: alstroemeria-sel-your-choice-6
If you are looking for a less traditional flower variety, consider our Peruvian Lilies. Your Choice of Color Alstroemerias offers up to 8 different selections for you to choose from. While these beautifully hued buds will clearly enhance a colorful arrangement, we do however, love how they look all on their own.

For a bold look, consider an entire sprig with 60 stems of orange, yellow or hot pink Peruvian Lilies. Your Choice of Color Alstroemerias also includes other gentler shades such as creme, white, and pink. Many minimalistic home owners and designers opt for our white and creme colored florals as opposed to a varied mix but we still love the various rich tones especially when bunch together in a vase. To add a contemporary flair to your events or a dinner gathering, don't be shy to opt for brighter tones such as bi-color Peruvian Lilies.

Once you receive your GlobalRose package, expect your florals to be packed in a set of 6 with 10 stems each. They will come with protective plastic sleeves to keep their open blooms safe and fresh. Remove your floral food sachets from the box and dilute them in some clean water where you should store your plants. Their petals and leaves will immediately rehydrate to look absolutely stunning.

Choose the color of your alstroemeria(s).
You have a total of 6 bunches (10 stems per bunch) to choose.
Hot Pink:
Purple/ Lavender:


By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
I ordered 80 Alstroemeria flowers on 2 February 2014 to be delivered on the 6th of February, but did not arrive until 7 Feb. (It was a little last minute, so I understand that it was not entirely Global Roses fault.) My mother absolutely loved them. They arrived a little soggy and down, but as soon as she placed them in a vase, they bloomed into beautiful flowers! This was my second time ordering from Global Rose and I have not been disappointed thus far. Hoping for more great flowers in the future! Thank you Global Rose