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Fresh Bells Of Ireland Flowers
200 Stems of Bells of Ireland
Notably Wonderful!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Get fresh Bells of Ireland flowers from a wholesaler and grower that you can trust to bring you the most beautiful blooms.
SKU: GLO001122

200 Stems of Bells of Ireland 20 bouquets of 10 stems each Color: Green Hand Picked The stems are 22" - 24" long Vase Life: 6 - 10 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Blooms 
Time to Bloom: 13 - 25 Hours Diameter when bloomed: 1.5" - 2.5" Many bells_of_ireland(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: N/A
Product Code: bells-of-ireland-200-stems-26-28
This package includes 200 stems of fresh bells of Ireland flowers as well as sachets of floral food and our flower care instructions to keep your blooms fresher for longer. Besides that, you will also receive a free delivery service depending on your chosen date. This flower is also known as Molucella and their elegant yet simplistic look make the Bells of Ireland a preferred decorative flower for all kinds of arrangements.

Their beautiful length and gorgeous green color can easily complement any sort of floral decorations. Your floral box contains 20 bundles of florals with 10 stems each. We guarantee that every single stem will be cut by hand, prepared and shipped fresh straight from our plant facilities to your address via UPS or FedEx.

Quality and efficient service is our number one promise to you. Our team's experience in growing all kinds of floral variety coupled with our top-notch sales team enable us to provide you with top grade flowers no matter the season. We take lots of pride in our fresh cut flowers and you will too.



Helen Rafdahl
June 2016
My daughter's bridal shower!

testimonial image
By amazon customerVerified Buyer
Absolutely 100% satisfied with the shipping time and the quality of the roses. I live in the United States of America and the roses arrived on time and in excellent fresh condition. These are the most extraordinary and wonderful roses in the world!!! Four days later the roses are holding up very strong and I'm sure they will last another 7 plus days. This purchase was the best decision I made about fresh roses and i will order again. I want to thank the staff and company for an above all expectation experience. Thank you so much. Shane from Georgia