Bronze Cushion Pom Poms

Color tones for all Bronze Cushion Pom Poms may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

Product Information

18 - 144 Stems of Cushion Pom Poms
2 - 16 bouquets of 9 stems each
• Color:
Hand Picked
The stems are 22" - 26" long
• Vase Life: • Stage on arrival:
Fresh Open Blooms
• Time to Bloom:
22 - 48 Hours
• Diameter when bloomed:
1.9" - 2.8"
Number of Petals per Flower: Many
Additional Facts

Bronze Cushion Pom Poms Choose Your Quantity 72 - 576 Blooms: 18 - 144 Chrysanthemums Flowers

These wonderful bronze button poms make a statement in their simplicity. Their energetic and attention-grabbing blooms are the perfect choice for any event.

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Select Quantity
18 Stems
22" - 26"
36 Stems
22" - 26"
72 Stems
22" - 26"
144 Stems
22" - 26"

Additional Information

• Item Condition: New
• Brand:
• Guard Petals:
• Product ID:
• Gtin13:
• Box Dimensions:
• Weight:
5.5 - 19.8 lbs
• Packing Material: Recyclable Carton

Product Description


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