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Wholesale Coral Peonies Wedding Special
70 Stems of Coral Peonies
Wholly Terrific!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Wholesale coral peonies for special wedding arrangements. Brides clamor for this quintessential bloom but can you really blame them?
SKU: GLO001850

70 Stems of Peony Flowers 7 bouquets of 10 stems each Color: Coral Hand Picked The stems are 24" - 26" long Vase Life: 6 - 12 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Bud 
Time to Bloom: 28 - 71 Hours Diameter when bloomed: 3.3" - 3.7" 1 peony(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: 40 - 43
Product Code: coral-supreme-peony-70
This pack of wholesale coral peonies are our wedding special, beloved by event planners and brides all over the country. Not only will you receive wonderful stems of extra large peonies directly from our flower farms, but we are also offering a free shipping service direct to your location. This offer also comes with free packets of floral food to help you keep these magnificent flowers looking as stunning as ever, until the very end of their vaselife.

Whether you're planning a chic ballroom bash, a rustic garden celebration, or a summer feast, peonies will complement almost every type of wedding. For a classic style, pair these coral beauties with similar traditional blooms such as roses or lilies. Opt for something a little more modern, by adding some other more unexpected florals such as wildflowers or alstromerias.

Also thanks to our low prices, you can now splurge on arrangements that are strictly peonies or save even more by using the popular blossom as an accent flower mixed in with more affordable blooms, all available on our site. Choose our wholesale coral peonies to make your wedding extra special.



Jamie Morell
March 2016
Beautiful peonies!!!

testimonial image
By Miko Kishimizu Verified Buyer
' I am Miko from preservesbeauty.com. I bought beautiful peonis from your company and preserved them, made the Bouquet. Peony bouquet will stay for years with your beautiful memory./ Preserved flower arrangement. These are stay beautiful as fresh flower and last years. Preserved flowers are 100% real ,natural.'