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Fresh Aster Solidago Flowers
60 Stems of Yellow Asters Solidago
Extremely Exciting!

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Enhance any festive decor with some tall yellow solidagos from table bouquets, hand sprigs and even floral wreaths.
SKU: GLO002353

60 Stems of Asters Solidago 6 bouquets of 10 stems each Color: Yellow Hand Picked The stems are 20" - 24" long Vase Life: 6 - 11 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Open Blooms 
Time to Bloom: Ready - use on arrival Diameter when bloomed: 2.5" - 3.5" Many aster_solidago(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: N/A
Product Code: fillers-aster-solidago-6
Get inspired today by these fresh Aster solidago flowers to create different flower arrangements, wreaths or even hand bouquets. There's so much you can do with 60 stems of these golden rods. This floral variety is not just a wonderful filler to add an organic feel to arrangements but they can be featured in stand alone bouquets and centrepieces for that rustic feel. Along with this purchase, you will also receive a special cut flower care manual as well as packets of flower food.

Try placing stems of fresh Aster solidago flowers in a tall vase beside bold roses, large peonies or other flowers. Add tall arrangements filled with fresh Aster solidago flowers on the mantelpiece, living room, or table dresser. You could even use shorter vases to feature these flowers on the dinner table to bring a distinctive style to any space. Regardless of your preferred delivery date, our fresh Aster solidago flowers will look like they were picked fresh from our farming grounds.



By Merrianne Patterson VizzaVerified Buyer
July 2019
My amateur flower arrangements turned out great for the rehearsal dinner and welcome reception for my daughter’s wedding. I had a vision in my head and found Global Rose to source the flowers. First time I ever tried this! Success
testimonial image
By Shelly C DavenportVerified Buyer
February 2014
We ordered these beautiful roses for my wedding last year... they lasted a long time too, and because they were so lovely the first time, I used Global Rose again for a friends wedding last month
testimonial image testimonial image
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
They arrived on time and after a day or 2 looked great! The only thing is after one day one of my fillers (Aster Solidago) was dying and moldy. It was very strange. Not sure if they were an older bunch and they were unaware..? Either way I sent Them pictures and they refunded me a day or 2 later. No issues or hoops to jump through. Was very easy.
By amazon customerVerified Buyer
Absolutely 100% satisfied with the shipping time and the quality of the roses. I live in the United States of America and the roses arrived on time and in excellent fresh condition. These are the most extraordinary and wonderful roses in the world!!! Four days later the roses are holding up very strong and I'm sure they will last another 7 plus days. This purchase was the best decision I made about fresh roses and i will order again. I want to thank the staff and company for an above all expectation experience. Thank you so much. Shane from Georgia