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Floral Snipper
Floral Snippers

Excluding Hawaii and Alaska, “which will incur a US$10.00 delivery fee per box”
Start creating dreamy floral arrangements and bouquets like a professional florist with the help of some floral snippers.
SKU: GLO002446

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Product Code: floral-snipper
Complete your floral toolbox with every florist's must-have, a pair of snippers. This floral tool serves a different function from the standard pruners and will soon become one of the most essential tool when you are working on flower arrangements, DIY bouquets and more.

Flower snippers are, as their name suggests, great for clipping delicate flower stems and any unwanted foliage. Although they are quite hardy, these snippers are not made for cutting heavy wire. Not only do we offer online flowers for sale with free delivery, but we have a collection of floral tools to help customers create the best designs as a gift or as a decorative.

Along with your order of online flowers for sale with free delivery, why not add on a pair of floral snipper to your shopping cart? Start collecting professional floral tools to ease the experience of crafting lovely bouquets and more. Shop for online flowers for sale with free delivery included and a variety of floral products right here at Global Rose.



Rachelle Bell
June 2012
We ordered the White Rose Corsage and Boutonnieres for our parents and grandparents at our wedding. Our florist wanted to charge $40 a piece for theCorsages and $15 for the boutonnieres, and since we had 3 moms, 5 grandmothers, 3 dads and 4 grandfathers, we knew that would be to expensive to get them from theflorist but still wanted to give them something to wear. These corsages and bountonnieres were perfect! We had them delivered the day before the wedding, which theyarrived around 10am. They all came in little water capsules attached to the bottom of them to keep them fresh and they were standing upright in a box that wasspecially made for corsages. We put the entire box in the fridge overnight and took it to the wedding location the next day. Since they are in water, the stems are alittlelonger, so you have to cut the stems before you put them on, so make sure you have floral scissors handy (we only had regular scissors, so it was a littletricky put we made it work). Also, you can get the clear boxes that corsages/boutonnieres usually come in when you get them from the florist at Hobby Lobby or othercrafts stores if you want it to look more presentable before you give them to the person wearing them. This was such a great buy and we saved hundreds by ordering themfrom here. Most importantly, our grandparents felt special that we gave them all something to wear...we kept the good deal a secret from them :) Also, it was soconvenient that theyjust came to our house. It is also nice that you can order as many corsages or bountineers in different colors as long as the total # = 16, so you couldgive different people different ones if you wanted to.