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Buy Peonies Online
70 Stems of Pink Peonies
Incredibly Exceptional!

To put it quite simply, Buy Peonies Online for a glorious explosion-shaped bloom!
70 Stems of Peony Flowers 7 bouquets of 10 stems each Color: Pink Hand Picked The stems are 24" - 26" long Vase Life: 5 - 7 Days Stage on arrival: Fresh Closed Blooms 
Time to Bloom: 22- 67 Hours Diameter when bloomed: 3.5" - 3.9" 1 peony(s) per stem Number of Petals per Flower: 35 - 48
Product Code: mon-jules-elie-peony-70

A bursting pink bomb of elegance, Buy Peonies Online for flowers that inspire wonder. The light-rose colored bloom leaves an unmistakable mark on the ambiance, anyone would be delighted to come across them let alone receive them!

Buy Peonies Online for a loved one or for someone special who you admire, these flowers are bold whilst still maintaining a poise character. If you wish to dazzle someone (including yourself) then Buy Peonies Online! Think of this splendorous flower for an engagement or anniversary party!

We want you to have the best experience with Global Rose, so rest assured if you Buy Peonies Online with us! Grown in Alaska, these flowers are made to impress, only those that qualify are sent so that you are deeply satisfied with your purchase!

For special events, we recommend delivery
2 to 3 days prior.

*Credits or refunds will not be issued if orders
are delivered 1 day later than the scheduled date.


Jamie Morell
March 2016
Beautiful peonies!!!

testimonial image
By Google Customer ReviewVerified Buyer
I ordered 500 roses from Global Rose for my engagement party. They came on time, opened up beautifully and just made my event beautiful. Cant say enough about them. Id order from them any day.
By Miko Kishimizu Verified Buyer
' I am Miko from preservesbeauty.com. I bought beautiful peonis from your company and preserved them, made the Bouquet. Peony bouquet will stay for years with your beautiful memory./ Preserved flower arrangement. These are stay beautiful as fresh flower and last years. Preserved flowers are 100% real ,natural.'