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Best Orchids
10 Assorted Color of Phalaenopsis Orchids in Dwell Pots
Best Orchids!

Bring life and romance into your home or special events with exotic orchids. Get this bouquet for bridal parties, engagement nights, birthdays and much more.
10 Phalaenopsis Orchids Plants
4" Beautiful Dwell Pots
Color: Assorted Colors
Hand Picked
The stems are 16" - 20" long

Vase Life: 60 - 120 Days
Stage on arrival: Fresh Ready to Use 
Time to Bloom: Bloom upon arrival
Diameter when bloomed: 1.6" - 3.1"
40 Blooms: 3 - 6 orchids(s) per stem
Number of Petals per Flower: 6 - 8

Product Code: orchids-phalaenopsis-dwell-yc-10
The best orchids, the Phalaenopsis variety plant in beautiful pots ready to go in any space at home or an event venue. The orchid group includes several hundred different genera and thousands of species, but most people are particularly happy with this orchid variety for beginners. These are the best orchids thanks to their thick-leaves with elegant, arching sprays of bloom.

These are the best orchids for your home since they are also commonly featured in so many design magazines sitting on coffee tables across America. Phalaenopsis orchids are rewarding plants and the best part is that they are not demanding. When cared for in the right conditions, they will display showy brilliant blooms for months on end. Buy these orchids as home decorations or table flowers for chic parties, a family celebration at home or even at a special event.

For special events, we recommend delivery
2 to 3 days prior.

*Credits or refunds will not be issued if orders
are delivered 1 day later than the scheduled date.

We are unable to ship potted plants to Arizona, California or Nevada.
Choose the color of your orchids(s).
You have a total of 10 bunches (10 stems per bunch) to choose.
Whisper White:
Alloy Gray:
Seafoam Green:
Magenta Purple:
Pink Flambe: