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Order Your Choice Orchids Online Bulk Prices
90 Your Choice Orchid Flowers
Fabulously Dazzling!

Order carefully curated stems of orchids that are snipped absolutely fresh from our plant facilities.
SKU: GLO004189

90 Your Choice Orchids
9 bunches of 10 stems each
Color: Your Choice
Hand Picked
The stems are 13" - 18" long

Vase Life:
Stage on arrival:  
Time to Bloom: 25 - 49 Hours
Diameter when bloomed: 1.5" - 1.9"
orchids(s) per stem
Number of Petals per Flower:

Product Code: orchids-your-choice-90
Order your choice of orchids online at bulk prices from a selection of over 15 different varieties. These blooms are suitable for all kinds of floral styles from formal event nights to casual family gatherings and even luncheons. Thanks to this flexible variety box filled with 80 of the best orchid stems, you can be ready to bring an air of joy and love any day of the week.

Use this box of orchids to deliver a warm message full of hope and love to your favorite person, a loving partner or mommy dearest. Order your choice of orchids online at bulk prices inclusive of free shipping and get ready to be impressed by a floral beauty unlike any other. There are plenty of orchid colortones on offer here with gorgeous petals and long stems so that you can create dreamy bouquets, bold centerpieces, charming arrangements and more.

Choose the color of your orchids(s).
You have a total of 9 bunches (10 stems per bunch) to choose.
Light Green Burana Jade:
Cream and Dark Pink Caesar:
Peach Jinda Sweet:
Pink King Dragon:
White with Green Tips Liberty:
Lilac Lisa:
Cream with Dark Pink Tips Lovely Sherbet:
Dark Pink Madam Pink:
White Malie:
White and Pink Miss Teen:
Purple New Wasana:
Dark Pink and Cream Queen Pink:
Cream and Lavender Sakura:
White Sanan:
Burgundy Siam Ruby:
Burgundy and Cream Sonia:
Purple and Red Sonia:
Purple Viola: