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Mary Freestone
August 2020
I received my ice cream arrangement two weeks ago and I received my yellow roses this past Friday. Both arrangements were absolutely beautiful perfect and I just love them. I was supposed to receive a card with my flowers and did not receive the card. I think your flowers and your arrangements are the best ever. Each time I receive them they last at least 2 1/2 weeks. I would recommend Global roses to everyone. It’s a quality product beautifully packaged and arrives in perfect condition. Thank you so much for making me smile, be happy, and know that the love of my life is sharing this with me. Mary freestone Saint Petersburg Florida
Trudy in Wisconsin
July 2020
Hello Global Rose !
So there were 200 Rainbow Carnations in EACH of my two kitchen sinks ! Ha! What a sight THAT was! And they smelled SO delicious! Omgosh!
Later that same evening I cut off another 6 inches perhaps because the stems were SO LONG and I wanted to be sure that they stayed well hydrated until I was to deliver them. Removed most leaves too.
The colors are lovely shades of multiple pastels approximately 2-3 different colors on each flower. I'm including some photos. One of ALL 400 in my market basket before I began dividing up after trimmed. The other photo of my leftover flowers for home. Using a ceramic frog for shorter stems and a crystal vase for the longer ones cut too. And a tiny sake cup for the only one that got broken in my work.
I feel like this was a lot of FUN! And also GOOD practice for hopefully another time when people can actually congregate in larger gatherings!
Sincerely thankful!
God bless you all!

Theresa Coleman
July 2020
Thank you for the beautiful flowers and for supporting us through this time.
Woodhill Hospital Emergency Department
Theresa Coleman

Roses were perfect
July 2020